Body Upgrades

The following three kits for the Coupe look suspiciously identical, except for a few minor differences. It is my belief that they are all sourced from the same place.
Erebuni Corp. sold the body kit pictured at left for $3,500 (Gasp!). The EVO-style spoiler alone was over $500. However, I'm told that these pieces are no longer available, even though they're still shown on their website. They show other wings (for the sedans only) and some front end peices too. The few reports from those with experience with Erebuni kits warn of fitment problems and lots of work involved.

This body kit is featured on the Eurospec-prepared car featured in the April '96 issue of European Car Magazine. Eurospec can be reached at (408) 848-4203.

This kit is Rieger Tuning's Evo 1 kit, as shown in the
German magazine, VW&Audi Spezial. 
2Bennett Audimotive carries a Rieger body kit for $3400.

The S2 front bumper/spoiler from Abt goes well with the updated hood and lights. However, it sells for around $1,000 in Germany, so add a little more for shipping it here. For more pictures, see it on Chick Wells' car towards the bottom of this page.

Abt also made a similar front bumper for the earlier cars as seen below, but I don't know if it's still available. If you look closely, you can also see the Abt rear spoiler in these two pictures.

These pictures are of a Swedish 90Q20V with a Zender body kit. It's nicely understated and integrates with the car well. Unfortunately, I have no idea how you would get your hands on one of these, or if it's even still available. Autotech's web site claims that they are the Zender distributor in the USA.

Nothelle has the grille surround shown here. It comes ready to paint to match body color and gives the updated look without having to buy a new hood and lights. The only retailer of Nothelle stuff I know of is Evolution Tuning. Nothelle says they don't supply anything for the N. Am. market, but some vendors may still be able to get the stuff from Europe.

Blaufergnugen sells Kamei products such as this grille cover, and various other body pieces.

B4 Hood/RS2 Bumper Cover
The newer style hoods from the V6 90 and Cabriolet will fit on our cars. The newer cars share the same fender with the CoupeQ, so fitment won't be a problem, but I don't know about the 90Q20V. To do the swap, you'll not only need the hood, but also the newer front end supports, latch mechanism, and headlights. Here is the parts list from fiche as per Bradon Hull. As a consequence of the headlights being the wrap-around style, you might need to move the turn signals somewhere, like the bumper. This can be accomplished by getting an S2 or RS2 bumper cover, which can be purchased, along with most of the other parts for this swap, from Vortrag Motorsports (now defunct) or 2Bennett. Some of the B4 Euro lights have the city light positioned in the corner, where the original turn signal is on the US cars. An orange bulb in this slot should suffice as a turn signal. Novatechnik (now defunct it seems) has fiberglass B4 hoods and RS/2 bumper covers available for reasonable prices.

Here are some examples:
RS2 Bumper cover and Euro H4/H1 lights on Ramana Lagemann's dearly departed CQ.
Brandon Hull's Ersatz S2 front end with H1/H1 RS2 Euro lights.
Cory Hels' car after the B4 hood conversion. He sold his car to Dustin Silveri recently.
Chick Wells' car with Abt front spoiler(NLA), B4 hood, and RS2 headlights .
Eric Ferguson's car with S2 bumper/cover, B4 hood, and RS2 headlights.
MTM (UK) with a MTM S2 bumper/cover with S2 sigs/fogs (NLA)
Popular German RS2 knockoff with S2 sigs/fogs rather than Porsche (can get new ones in Germany still)

Chin Spoiler
Just to show you that you can personalize your car's looks without spending four figures, I mounted a J.C. Whitney rubber chin spoiler on my car. I had seen it on several 5000 and 200 cars, where it fits quite well. I was hoping to get a lower lip reminiscent of the S2 spoiler. While the end result wasn't quite what I had hoped, from most angles I think it works. Occasionally, when the light or the viewing angle is wrong, it looks kinda funny, but I think I'll keep it -- at least until I get that RS2 bumper cover. Since it's made out of some kind of flexible rubber material, it will take quite a bit of abuse. For about $70 it's not a bad deal.

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