Motor Mounts and Suspension Bushings

After several years of loyal service, all of the stressed rubber bits (suspension bushings, engine/trans/rear diff/front and rear subframe mounts) will stop doing their little bit. The car will feel *like new* when you replace them.

If your A-arm bushings need to be replaced, instead of using the original type, you might be able to use the old-style ur-q bushings. They are a little stiffer and last longer. Only the early '90 cars ('90 CQ up to #6000, stock bushing P/N 857 407 181) can use the ur-q bushings. The Audi P/N for the ur-q bushing is 811 407 181.

If you want even more stiffness for quicker steering response, 2Bennett Audimotive (530-758-7325) carries delrin replacement bushings.

Changing Motor Mounts

  1. Car on ramps.
  2. Put a jack/stand on the motor as close to the mount as possible. If you can't, you can use a 2X4 from above with chain/rope (this keeps the motor from stressing the opposite mount during swap, and keeps mount close to frame rail to put on 15mm nuts).
  3. Remove upper mount nut (19mm I think) may want to soak it a couple of days with WD-40, it tends to catch water by design. The problem is, if the mount is spinning in the cup, you might have some time getting nut off.
  4. Remove lower mount nuts (2X15mm). The engine is now resting on jack or hanging on rope and the trans mount only.
  5. Pull mount down and out.
  6. Install new mount from below, 15mm nuts on first.
  7. Install top nuts, torque to spec.
  8. Remove 2X4/jacks.
  9. Off ramps.

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