Coolant Flush

Anti-freeze is a dangerous substance. DO NOT leave anti-freeze on the floor or in a pan around animals or young children! It has a sweet flavor, but it is deadly! If consumed, it will cause a slow and painful death. There are non-poisonous brands of coolant on the market, but don't ever take chances if there is any doubt.

Coolant Drainage (Dave Kase)

Coolant Refill (Dave Kase)
Audi specifies only phosphate-free anti-freeze be used. Open bleeder valve on heater hose where it goes through the firewall. It may be difficult to get flow here until the car is started and the level in the coolant tank goes down. Then replenish the tank and when the engine gets warm. It should start to flow out of bleeder.

Coolant System Overhaul and Thermostat Redo (Dave Kraige ala Bernie Benz&Peter Kirby)
A detailed account with many photos.

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