Exhaust Upgrades

The stock exhaust has a catalytic converter and dual mufflers. The system is stainless steel and 2.25" into the rear muffler, with two 2" pipes out the back. It seems to be a good quality system because I haven't heard of many problems. However, if you're lookin' for a deeper sound or more flow...

Exhaust Modifications

Exhaust Replacement Kits

Exhaust Hangars
The three rubber hangars on the rear of the car stretch out with age. If they stretch far enough, the pipe will begin to rub on the rear driveshaft, and eventually spring a leak. One solution is to buy three chain reinforced donuts (P/N 171 253 147 G) from Techtonics Tuning (503-843-2700). That's a VAG P/N, so you might be able to get them at your local dealer. These are also helpful for adjusting exhaust postion on a lowered car, or with aftermarket exhaust replacements.  (Peter Schultz)

Some have reported problems even with the chain reinforced hangars. Another option is to use heavy-duty nylon tie-wraps to brace the rubber donut. Just zip one up around the outside of the donut. The rubber continues to dampen the motion of the exhaust while the tie-wrap supports the weight. (Bob D'Amato/Ian Duff/Paul Royal)

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