20V Related Sites  
Brandon Hull's Ersatz S2 A very detailed description of Brandon's S2 Project. A MUST
for anyone considering an engine transplant.
Harrison Blackwood's Page Great info about and pics of his heavily modified CQ.
Mark Chang's 90Q20V Check out Mark's nice 90Q.
Eric Ferguson's Coupe Page Pics of Eric's CQ and details about his upgrades, including
the 10vt engine swap.
Nick Hedley's CQ page Pics and specs of Nicks car.
Chick Wells' CQ Page Pics and mods that Chick has done to his '91 CQ.
"Official" Audi Sites  
Audi World Site A little history, a lot of marketing.
Audi of America See the new cars, find a dealer, e-mail AoA.
Audi AG The German site. See ALL the new cars.
Audi of South Africa Easily my favorite of the Audi marketing sites. Browse a showroom where
the RS2, S2, and V6 Coupe are available. They have a nice timeline of Audi
history, and brief explainations of the Audi technological innovations.
Quattro Club USA Official QCUSA site. All Regional web sites have links here.
Audi Sport UK BTCC and other A4 Supertouring info.
Audi Enthusiast Sites  
20V List Members' Sites  
The Quattro List/AudiFans Home of the quattro mailing list. Find out how to sign up, search
through the massive archives, and check out the great list of vendors. 
The site and the list are run by Dan Simoes.
Audi-S-Cars Online Darin Nederhoff's site devoted to the Audi S-cars.
VW Synchro Page Derek Daily's site devoted to the VW Synchro models that used the
same drivetrain as the Audi Quattros.
Rally3's Audi and Rallying Page Info about and pics of Aidan McLeer's cars.
Closely Related to the 20Vs  
The Audi 80 Pages Alexander van Gerbig's well organized site dedicated to the Audi 80.
Coupe (GT) Site Eric Fluhr's FWD Coupe pages. Has specs, tips, and pics.
Huw's Early 80's Audi Info Some neat tips and fixes for early 4K, 5K, and CoupeGT cars.
Audi-Dudi Racing Jeffrey Goggin's site devoted to his Audi project cars (ur-q, 4000S).
Quattro Continuum Chris Tucker's Audi pages. More Pics and some great info about 
the ur-q.
Michael Sheridan Williams' Page Coupe GT specs
Martin Pajak's Quattro Page Info about Martin's Coupe GT, 4000Q, and rally racing. Several
nice ur-q pictures.
'88 80 Quattro Info about and pics of an '88 80Q.
Chris Miller's '91 200Q Page Some pics, specs, and repair info about the '91 200Q 20V.
Henry Harper's '91 200Q Page Some pics and info about his '91 200Q 20V.
Yet Another Audi Page Peter Henrickson's Audi page. Check out the totalled '91 200Q 20V
wagon! It's hard to believe anyone could have survived that one. Dedicated to the Euro 80 models with some RS2 sprinkled in.
Javad's 80tq Web Page 80q pics, upgrades, and other info (turbo swap, etc).
Other Enthusiast Sites  
SJM Auto-Technik Scott Mockry's web site. Great tech info, troubleshooting advice, event
reports and pictures. [check out the red CQ on the Pike's Peak page!]
Gary Steinbru's Page Audi Dealer Service codes, DIN terminal identification chart, 
and various maintenance tips.
Audi Audi Audi Audi Jim Griffin's Audi site. More Audi pics, and another 
Pike's Peak page.
Nordic Audi Jonas Karlsson's site (Sweden). Lots of info about new and rare
Audis, even a few pics of B3 FWD Coupes with 10V N/A engines.
Quattringo Ingo Rautenberg's site with pics of and info about his nice V8. He's
got some Pike's Peak pics, too.
Mein Twain's Audi Page Some Audi pics and a nice comparison chart of tire brands.
AudiWorld AKA Jet's A4 Organization...
4000Q Turbo Conversion Page Luis Marque's procedures and tips for transplanting turbo engine 
into a 4000Q.
ACCGB Audi 100 Coupe S Club of Great Britain
Quattro Motion Audi rally info, pics, and product sales.
Audi Sport Touring Car Photos Several shots of Jean Francois Hermoulle's Audi touring
car racers.
Accessory Sites  
A!Avantgarde (Germany) German Audi tuners -- Under construction, try looking at

Claus Ettensberger Corp (CEC Wheels).

Haley Motorsports Sell several little Audi trinkets, as well as other marques.
Audis For Sale  
Quattro List Marketplace Classified ads on the AudiFans web site.
EPage Audi Classifieds Audis for sale listed by city and state.
AutoTrader Online Search by region, state, area code, year, make, model, price range, and keyword.
Classifieds2000 Search by area, price, year, etc.
KAR Quattro The Andersons' site. Check out the quattros for sale (usually a few 20Vs).
Champagne Motors Lots of nice Audis for sale. Check out the 20V ur-q conversion.
IntelliChoice Recalls, ownership costs, book values, etc. for any car.
NHTSA Lists recalls, TSBs, and consumer complaints for a particular vehicle.
Audi TSBs and Recalls AllData lists the TSB number, date, and title for every TSB and
recall for each Audi model. (Other makes of car are there, too.)

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