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The Audi 20V mailing list is an automated remailer that has been set up to serve owners and enthusiasts of Audi's normally aspirated 20 valve engine, and the two cars into which it was placed: the model year 1990 and 1991 Coupe Quattro and 90 Quattro. This list was created by members of the quattro-list for the purposes of lessening traffic on that list and providing a lower traffic, higher signal:noise alternative. Several of us junkies are still on both lists. 

After you subscribe to the list, please send an e-mail to me - remove the Y from the email address first. We keep a list of the active members and their cars. This list is used to create the chart below. Please include the year, model, and color of your car, as well as any modifications you have done. Also tell me where you live. By using this information, we can communicate with each other about shared experiences, planned modifications, or just meet each other while travelling. If you would like to include any photos of your car here, just send the images to me.

You can now subscribe and unsubscribe via the web using the subscription page. You can also alter your subscription settings using that page.

To send a message to the list, direct your email to Note that you must be subscribed to the list in order to post messages to it.

List Archives
Archives are currently being worked on - Hopefully they will be available soon

Current 20V List Members
Name (e-mail: remove first 'Y' after '@') Home Car Pictures/Web Site
Alie Ladd ( Colcehster, VT '90 Coupe
Aaron Sigman ( Milton, MA '90 Ersatz S2.4
A. Wylie Bean ( Greensboro, NC '90 Coupe
Spencer Purves ( Hudson, OH '90 Coupe
Bubba Cuba ( Scottsdale AZ '91 Coupe
Bob Moore ( Westchester NY '90 90Q
Ali Goulet 4sale Salt Lake City, UT '90 Coupe
Jordan Noname ( Somewhere in USA '91 Coupe
Adam Gratz( Philadelphia, PA '91 TQ Avant
Bob Farrell( Victoria BC '90 CQ
Terry Tobin( St Paul MN '90 CQ
Andy Schor ( Pittsburgh, PA Porsche 951
Tom Faust ( N Attleboro MA '90 90Q
Gary Smith ( Embudo NM '90 90Q
Colin Roberts ( Brummie, UK Coupe 20v
Alexander Plaizier ( Franeker Nederlands Coupe Q 2.0e 20v
Steve Millea ( Sarf London, UK '90 Coupe
Tim O'Brien ( Longmont CO '90 Coupe
Chuck Goldsmith ( CO Springs CO '90 Coupe
Jordan Johnson ( Bellingham WA '90 Coupe
Sean Hanson ( Alamdea CA '90 Coupe
Bernie Benz ( Gardnerville, NV '90 90 - 200Q 20v
Robert Moran ( Harvard, MA '90 90 '90 CQ
Dave Munro ( Ottawa ON '90 Coupe
Bob D'Amato ( Cheshire, CT '91 90 Sport
Jordi Kamphuis ( Not The Hague Nederlands '91 90Q
Stan Kirschner ( Not The Hague Nederlands '90 Coupe
Joe Wildenhaus ( Seattle WA '91 90Q
Zsolt and Yula ( Winnipeg, MB '90 CQ
Bonnie Irwin (Bonnie_Irwin@Ynotknown.COM) Portsmouth, NH '91 90
Alex Luscher ( Niagra Falls, NY '90 90
Brian Baxter (baxterfamily@Ymail.COM) CO Springs, CO '90 Ginster CQ
Nick Ribeiro (nickribros@Yaol.COM) Green Bay, WI '91 CQ
Blake S (blakeskate05@Yhotmail.COM) WA near Canada '90 CQ
Craig Lee ( SLC, UT '91 90 20v
Brandon Hull ( Princeton, NJ '91 Coupe
(Ersatz S2)
Brian Presser ( Bellevue, WA '90 90
Chick Wells ( Portland, OR '91 Coupe
Dulio Lupini( Milano, Italia '89 Coupe
David Harrison ( Chesire, England '86 qCoupe w/7A
Eric Wendell ( Chicago, IL '91 CQ
Chris Miller ( Bolton, MA '91 Coupe
Sean Douglas ( Surrey, BC '90 90(spouse's) S6 (with extry bits)
Robert Deutsch( Somewheres in Saskatchewan '90 Coupe
Edward Pants ( Toronto, ON '90 Coupe
Eric Ferguson ( OH '90 Coupe
Eric Renneisen ( Chattanooga, TN '84 Urq
Hank Nisiewicz ( Mequon, WI '91 CQ
Harrison Blackwood ( Los Gatos, CA '90 Coupe
Ian Richardson ( Mississauga, ON '90 Sedan
Ian Duff ( New Bedford, MA '90 Coupe
Quincy Chiang( Calgary AB '90 CQ
Nick Bean( Bellevue WA '90 CQ
Thomas Turse( Denver, CO '90 80q
Jim Dix ( Big Flats, NY '90 90
Jim Fraser ( Nashua, NH '90 Coupe
Joe Doss ( Springfield, OH '90 90
Joe Fyffe ( Colorado Springs, CO '90 90
Joe Marconi ( Toledo, Ohio '90 Coupe
Joel Landsverk ( Appleton, WI '91 90
E. John Clarke ( St. John's, NF '90 Sedan
John Cowen ( Capitola, CA '91 Coupe
Spencer Purves ( Hudson OH '90 CQ
Jer Harwood ( Bumblefrick NC '90 Coupe
Dave Kraige ( Blacksburg VA '91 Coupe
Larry Gidley ( Medina, NY '90 Coupe
Leo ( Nederlands '90 Sedan
Michael Wilson ( Brampton, ON '90 Coupe
Patrick Yam ( Minneapolis, MN '90 Coupe
Mike Noone ( Blairsville, PA '91 90
Peter Kirby ( Montreal, QC '90 90Q
Rick Houck ( Silver Lake, OH '89 Coupe
Ryan Evans ( Pomona, CA 90 Coupe
Ryan Haveman ( Rochester, MI '90 Coupe
Seth Parker ( Newton, MA '90 90
Stan Kirschner ( South Burlington, VT '90 Coupe
Jeff Berlin( NYC '90 Coupe
Travis Zuidema( Lebanon, CT '91 Coupe
Rick Hayllar( Australia 20V Sedan
Stephane Valici ( Versailles, France '92 S2
Phil Cowan ( Rossmoor, CA '91 90
Marc Rudin ( near Winterthur Switzerland '9x V6 2.8E Coupe and Urq
Tsivas Kourtsounis ( Baltimore, MD '90 Coupe
Daniel Rieben ( Gstaad, Switzerland 90Q
Ulf Kutschera ( Arvada, CO '90 Coupe
Vincent Fregeac ( Montmagny, QC '90 90
Wayne Elshaw ( Perth, Australia '89 90Q
Bubba Taylor ( Wichita, Kansas '90 CQ
Stanton Fisk ( Allegan, MI '90 90

If you would like to have pictures of you and/or your car posted here, you can e-mail it to me - Remove the Y from the email address first, or send the photos by snail-mail and I'll scan them for you. E-mail me for the address.

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