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Coupe rack slots     Yakima foot

Thule rack     Yakima rack

The CoupeQ has a unique setup to facilitate a roof rack. There are two plastic pieces along each side of the car, just above the windows, that you pry out with a screwdriver. This leaves a narrow opening for the feet of the roof rack. I use a Thule because I got a great deal on it. Yakima and Saris now also make kits that fit the CQ's special slots.

Since the 90Q20V has four doors, it should be able to use a relatively common style of mounting feet.

CQ Kit

90Q Kit


#6 Clips, #901 (50") Bars

#24 Clips, #901 (50") Bars


#400 Feet, #94 Fit Kit, 50" Bars

#400 Feet, #1 Fit Kit, 50" Bars


1C SST Towers, Y1 Clips, 48" bars

Q Towers, Q6 Clips, 48" Bars

* Beware that the Thule application guide says that the kit for the CQ places the bars only 18" apart, so only short, light loads can be carried. This is WRONG! the bars are much more than 18" apart, and the rack can support a substantial amount of weight.

** Yakima has discontinued the SST towers and Y-type clips, but there may still be some stock left at various dealers. You can call Yakima at 888-925-0703 and they can tell you if any distributors have any left. As of this posting, Yakima has not yet specified a Q clip setup for the CQ, but check out the Fit List on their website for the latest word. Maybe it's just that no one has asked for a CQ kit since the SST/Y setup went away. I suspect that the Q7 clips specified for the VW Corrado will work because the Thule fit kit is the same for the CQ and Corrado. You may want to ask Yakima if they can determine which Q clips closely match the old Y1 clips.

You should be able to find all these brands at local bike/ski/outdoor shops. For some decent prices on both Thule and Yakima, try Car Racks Direct, Sports Rack, and Rack Zone. For Saris, try Ken's Bike Shop Online.

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