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Standard wheels/tires

  • CoupeQ -- Speedline 15" x 7", 37mm offset, 4 x 108 bolt pattern with 205/60-15 (V rated)
    195/65-15 all-season M+S tires were offered as an option.
  • 90Q20V --
    • BBS Mesh 14" x 6", 45mm offset, 4x108 bolt pattern with 195/60-14
      175/70-14 all-season M+S tires were offered as an option.
    • Speedline 15" x 7", 45mm offset, 4x108 bolt pattern with 205/50-15 (V rated)

Optional tire sizes
(Rick Zehr)
Lots of different wheel/tire combinations have been fitted to these cars. The general concensus is that 225 is the widest tire that will fit, and some cars can't fit anything wider than 215, depending upon the tire manufacturer, wheel width, tire height, and tie rod construction. The following is a general guide to some sizes that might fit, and an estimation of what the different size does to the rolling circumference of the tire.

GPS MotorSport's Tire Size Program page will help you calculate correct tire sizes when changing wheel size or tire width.
The Tire and Wheel Bible page will answer any questions you have about tires and wheels.

Optional wheels
The clearcoat on the OEM Speedline wheels has a tendency to crack into a spider web pattern, so many have been or soon will be replaced. Many 90Q20V owners have upgraded from the original 14" wheels as well. Often, larger wheels must be fitted in order to clear bigger brakes, for example, 15" wheels are required for the 90Q20V G60 brake upgrade. 16" and 17" (probably 18", too) wheels will fit, and 7.5" width is OK.

The problem with finding new wheels is that there aren't too many available with the 4x108 bolt pattern. Most TSW wheels are O.K., and Moda and Borbet offer a few, but not much else is out there. Check out the Tire Rack and Discount Tire Direct for some options.

Here's a neat tip: If you want your aftermarket wheels to look OEM, go to a sign shop and have them fabricate some little weatherproof stickers for you. They should be able to make little rings, an Audi logo, or whatever else you want. It shouldn't cost much, either. (Bob D'Amato?)

Another option is to modify original Audi dustcaps to mount to the new wheels. Here's a shot of an A4 duscap mounted to a Borbet wheel. Just cut off everything that sticks out in back of the dome, then sand to fit with circular strokes on sandpaper. Bond over the OEM dustcap with epoxy or silicone, and spray color to suit. (Chick Wells, Rick Zehr)

Tire Shop Tips
(Glenn Lawton)
Here are some tips to keep in mind when the boys at the tire shop touch your car:

Alignment tips
(Glenn Lawton)

Wheel cleaners
Brake dust can be a problem with these cars, and everybody has their favorite cleaner (Wheel Brite, P21S), but I've found that the only real solution is to wash them often and put a coat of wax on them occasionally.

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