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Check out some early prototype pics of the CQ on the History page.

Sales Brochures
Follow the link above to see images from some of the original Audi brochures.

Check out pictures of 20V list members and their cars on the 20V Mailing List page.
There are also several body kit pictures on the Body Upgrades page.
Also check out the S2 Image Archive at S-Cars Online.

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Now this is what quattro is all about!
Aaron Sigman shows what his 120K mile CQ can still do!


Alex Erisoty's 275HP 90Q20V rally car!
(Normally Aspirated!) The last photo was taken by
Moni Hourt. Alex is 1999 SCCA ProRally Rookie of
The Year! Keep up the good work!


Theodosios Mavroudis' fantastic 1975 100S Coupe,
one of the most beautiful Audis ever built. Yes, those
are ur-quattro 8x15 Ronal wheels.


More pics from Theodosios... a prototype 100S Coupe
with the motor from a Porsche 928!


Pics of Thomas Hallenberg's '89 90Q20V in Sweden.
He's trading up to an S2 (a man with good taste). The
body kit on this 90 is from Zender and also seems to be
quite tasteful.
  A 90Q with RS2 treatment, and a polished aluminum A8.


Some shots of a nice S2 converted to full RS2 spec
(exterior, interior, and drivetrain) MTM tuned to around
380hp! Provided by Ali-capone from the UK.
    More shots from Ali--a nice MTM RS2!
An ABT-tuned S2 with ur-q-ish fender flares.
Ramana Lagemann's car has some fun.
Remember, 4 x 0 = 0!
  A couple of shots of an ABT S2 racer.
    A few of the B&W promo shots that some people
got with their new CQ. Check out the VERY cool
cutaway pic of the 20V engine.
  A couple of shots of fabled Ginster
(Whinflower?) yellow Coupes
  These are some great "fish-eye" shots from
former list member (Porsche convert) Saam
Gabbay. You can visit him now at
Frederik Thomas Moeladi's Schmidt Motorsport Prepared
S2 Groupe A rally car (for sale) -- That paint job is...
ummm... well... unique. Check out some more pics of this
beast on Mark Nelson's page.
  Here are some nice Euro coupe shots from my friend,
Tom Nas, in Holland.
  An S2 from Tom Nas, and an RS2 sedan pic from
Simon Ansell in Australia.
Also from Simon, a great shot of an ur-q, a sport q
and a sport S1 in Munich.
  Here's a shot of an S2's interior and a closeup of the
white gauges. I NEED one of those steering wheels!!
Update: I finally got one!!  :^)
  A nice shot of the good side of several coupes (and S2s)
and a row of "hungry" ur-qs from Thomas Jonsson in
  A couple of shots of Thomas' nice '95 S2.
  Pics of Maik Balleyer's beautiful S2 in Germany.
    Several pics of Fredrik Strandberg's former 20V ur-q
in Sweden.
    Pics from a Dutch S2 Brochure sent to me by Aldebert
An S2 pic from Patrick Noren in Sweden.
  A severely dropped coupe, and one with the body kit
    Patrick Schmit's former '89 90Q20V from Luxembourg,
and his new S2.
  Austrian CQ (non-turbo) and a smashed 100. The
driver walked away with just a headache!
    Marion Kossovan's nice '84 Coupe GT in Alberta.
  Jakob Houkjaer's '85 90 10V in Denmark.
  Emannuel Pirro's 80Q sport, and the only Abt S2 in the US owned by financier.

Please send me any that you have, especially shots of 90Q20Vs.

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