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"I hope that I will soon forget the Audi Quattro. Until I do, I shall continue to worship that bitch goddess Success at the expense of friends, family, honesty and decency - anything to be in a position to have one. The Quattro is evil, an insidious witch in the guise of state-of-the-art engineering, a circe who commands your obedience every waking moment and a succubus who haunts every dream. She's the seductress who recreates That First Time all over again, who snips all your tethers to innocence and changes your life forever."  - Four Wheeler Magazine, August 1982
O.K., so that was written about the ur-quattro, the original, numero uno, legendary, turbo quattro coupe.  So what?  I like it, and since my car is its more modern, civilized younger sister, most of the above still applies. To illustrate the relationship between the two cars, I created a couple of animated GIFs. You can check them out on the Pictures page. To see a little about the development history of the CQ, check out the History page.

This site is dedicated to the final version of Audi's normally aspirated inline 5 cylinder engine, the 20V (engine code 7A), and the two cars into which it was placed, the B3-style Coupé Quattro and 90 Quattro sold in North America as 1990 and 1991 model years. These cars are fairly rare, so my audience is pretty small, but we (the owners of these beasts) are a dedicated bunch.

I have collected tidbits of information about my exCQ starting when I bought it in March of 1996, but I bought an Urq and sold the CQ, so I'm not in to it as much. It was too difficult to keep up with a word processing document, so I decided to create these web pages. Much of the stuff here is specific to the CoupéQ because I was obviously biased, but I hopefully this serves as a resource for all 20V owners.

Site updated on 28 August 2008

This site was mentioned in the November 1998 issue of European Car Magazine! You can just barely make out a red CQ in the picture of the cover at left. They call me the "unnamed author," which I don't really mind. Most of the information here was authored by people on the Quattro-list and 20V-list, so there are actually dozens of authors. Some of the original authors names are attached to the approriate sections. I have since given the reigns of this website to someone less capable since 2001. EricR

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