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The best advice you'll get on any used car you are considering will come from a trained mechanic. Get an independent inspection from a knowledgeable Audi mechanic if you are serious. The $60 -- $200 you spend will be the best investment you make in the car!

Here is a list of things you can check out on a 20V car. Thanks to Ian Duff for compiling the original version. Don't let it scare you, though. Not all cars have these problems, and some of the problems are easy and cheap to fix. (Don't let the seller know that!)

Things to look for:

There were at least five major upgrades:

  1. Airbag, starting with Coupe #1109 (July, 1989 production), according to Bentley Electrical Manual. There is a fairly obvious knee bar under steering wheel on airbag cars, package shelf is there on bomb-less ones.
  2. Sway bars changed from just a front, to front and rear, starting with Coupe #3682 (September, 1989 production), according to parts fiche.
  3. Tubular stainless steel exhaust headers changed to a cast iron manifold starting with Coupe #13611 (March, 1990 production), according to parts fiche.
  4. The ECU was changed beginning with Coupe #15000 (March, 1990 production). This caused no obvious change in performance figures, but other parts were changed at the same time (ISV, throttle switches).
  5. The sunroof changed from steel to smoked glass for the 1991 model year (Coupe only?). The control also changed from a typical rocker switch, to a dial that can be used to preselect any position.

90 Quattro 20V Sport:

(Bob D'Amato)
For the 1991 model year, there was a sport model of the 90Q20V offered. It had similar 15" Speedline rims as the CQ (different offset) and a lower, stiffer suspension. The easiest way to tell if a 90Q20V is the sport model is to check the tag in the trunk for option code 1BE.

Asking prices for these cars can vary widely, from ~$6K for one with high miles and lots of wear, to ~$16K for one whose owner has lost touch with reality. Most are priced high because of the rarity (1730 Coupes imported to U.S.). Check out Kelly Blue Book and Edmund's Price Guides for current book values.

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