Feature and Color Codes

This is a table of the feature codes from the CoupeQ parts fiche. Most of the stuff listed here came standard in the U.S., but some of it was not available here.

Option Codes


ABU USA Version
COE Steel wheels (14" x 5.5", ET 37)
COJ Alloy wheels (15" x 6", ET 37)
C1P Alloy wheels (15" x 7", ET 37) [Speedline]
C3G Steel wheels (15" x 5.5", ET 40)
C4Z Steel wheels (15" x 6", ET 37)
GOG 5-speed manual transmission
M5P 5-cyl fuel inj. engine (7A)
NOK Leather seat covers
NOW "Serret Velour" seat covers
Q1D Sports seats (front)
UOL Speedometer in miles
1AO Anti-lock brakes
1G3 Full size spare tire
1KE Rear disc brakes ("heavy-duty")
1LC Front disk brakes
1MD Leather steering wheel
1MR Leather steering wheel w/airbag
1N1 Servo steering
2CB Hydraulic system
2C3 PROCON - TEN safety system
3AG Convex mirror (right), heated, elec. operated
3BE Flat mirror (left), heated, elec. operated
3BF Convex mirror (left - RHD), heated, elec.operated
3FD Steel sunroof, elec. operated
3FE Glass sunroof, elec. operated, auto. preselection
3FQ Steel sunroof, elec. operated, auto. preselection
3FR Solar sunroof
3L4 Electrically operated front seats
3X1 Long load aperture (Ski sack?)
4A3 Heated front seats
4F1 Central locking system
4R1 Power windows
4SD Sun visor (left) with illuminated mirror and cover
4TD Sun visor (right) with illuminated mirror and cover
4UB Dual airbags
4UD Driver's airbag
4W1 Cassette holder
5MB Zebrano wood inlay
5MF Elm wood inlay
6Q2 Leather gearshift knob
6Q3 Wood gearshift knob
6R2 Leather shift boot
8BL Halogen headlamps
8GG 110 amp alternator
8LB Voltmeter, oil temp., & oil pressure gauges
8M1 Rear wiper/washer
8S3 Rear reading light
8S4 Font reading light
8TE Rear fog lamp
8T1 Cruise control
8X1 Headlight washers
8Z2 Heavy-duty water cooling system
9AB A/C with lever regulation
9AD A/C with electronic regulation
9GB Interior light with delayed switch-off
9Q1 On-board computer
9T1 Heated spraying jet
9V3 Anti-theft alarm system
9X1 Heated left door handle
9X3 Heated left and right door handles
9Y1 Outside temperature gauge

Exterior Color Codes
Code Color
Y3D Tornado Red
90E Alpine White
Y7Y Zermatt Silver Metallic ['90 only]
Y7T Crystal Silver Metallic
Y5U Glacier Metallic (Blue)
Y9Y Satin Black Metallic ['90 only]
Y8Z Panther Metallic
Y5Z Nautic Metallic (Dark Blue)
Y1Z Bamboo Metallic (Light Brown)
Y6Z Lago Metallic (Blue-Green)
Y7U Stone Grey Metallic ['90 only]
Y7P Titan Metallic
Y9B Brilliant Black
OA9 Pearl White Metallic
Z3Z Cayenne Pearl (Red)
Y1A Whinflower (Yellow)
Z5U Indigo Pearl (Blue) ['91 only]

Interior Color Codes
Code Color
XN Nautic (Blue)
LB Travertine (Beige)
LF Sepia (Olive)
XU Platinum/Graphite
XV Graphite (Grey)
XQ Platinum/Platinum

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